How Air Conditioning Repair Works

Repair Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repair made its first appearance in 1945 when Life magazine published a four-page spread entitled “After the War, Air Conditioning Will Be Cheap Enough to Put in Private Homes.” Despite its high initial cost, air conditioning quickly became a necessity in the postwar economy. And thanks to the widespread availability of air-conditioning units in homes, hotels, and office buildings, the technology became affordable for the average consumer.

The process of air conditioning works by circulating a refrigerant gas through a compressor. This pressurized gas then passes through a condenser, where it is converted to a liquid. When this cool air is released into the air, the fan causes the cooled air to rise to the surface of the building. The cold air then dissipates into the surrounding atmosphere, thereby removing the heat.

The goal of air conditioning is to make rooms comfortable and to reduce energy consumption. Comfort air conditioning aims to recreate ideal conditions for human comfort by controlling air temperature and humidity. The process is continuously repeated until the desired temperature is reached. When the room reaches its desired temperature, the thermostat will turn the air conditioning back on.

Air conditioning has become an almost indispensable necessity in the American home, with more than three-quarters of homes having an air conditioner. It consumes 6% of the electricity produced in the United States. In addition to causing high energy bills, air conditioning consumes 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.

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